List of Built-in Pipes in Angular

Complete list of built in pipes

Here is the complete list of built in pipes in Angular.

We have around 13 built in pipes in Angular which are part of @angular/common

Pipe NameDescription
AsyncPipeUsed to read the object from an asynchronous source
CurrencyPipeUsed to format the currencies
DatePipeUsed to format the dates
DecimalPipeUsed to transform the decimal numbers
I18nPluralPipeConverts a value to a string that pluralizes the value according to locale rules.
I18nSelectPipeUsed to display values according to the selection criteria
JsonPipeConverts an object into a JSON string
KeyValuePipeConverts an Object or Map into an array of key value pairs.
LowerCasePipeConverts a string or text to lowercase
PercentPipeUsed to display percentage numbers
SlicePipeUsed to slice an array
TitleCasePipeConverts a string or text to title case
UpperCasePipeConverts a string or text to uppercase

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