fa-external-link-alt icon in font awesome icons

fa-external-link-alt icon in font awesome icons has 1 variant fas i.e.,solid.

NameClass NameCss Content Code

To display fa-external-link-alt icon add predefined class name i.e.,fa-external-link-alt (with prefix fa-) to the ‘i’ tag.

Here ‘i’ tag represents icon.

And we need to add corresponding category for fa-external-link-alt icon. i.e., fas.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt'>fa-external-link-alt</i>


To increase fa-external-link-alt font awesome icon size, use the fa-lg (33% increase), fa-2x, fa-3x, fa-4x, or fa-5x classes along with icon class fa-external-link-alt.

Increase in icon size will be relative to their parent container.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-lg'>fa-lg</i><br/>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-2x'>fa-2x</i><br/>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-3x'>fa-3x</i><br/>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-4x'>fa-4x</i><br/>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-5x'>fa-5x</i><br/>


All the font awesome icons does not have same width.

For example fa-external-link-alt icon and fa-home may not have same height and width.

So to display two icons with fixed width and height we can use fa-fw class.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-fw fa-3x'></i>Fixed Width<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-3x'></i>Normal<br/>
<i class='fas fa-home fa-fw fa-3x'></i>Fixed Width<i class='fas fa-home fa-3x'></i>Normal<br/>

Fixed WidthNormal
Fixed WidthNormal

To add border to fa-external-link-alt icon, use fa-border class.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-border fa-3x'></i>

To pull icon fa-external-link-alt to the left of the container use fa-pull-left class.\n

<div style='width: 200px;'>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-pull-left fa-3x'></i>
  ... The text after fa-external-link-alt Icon will be displayed on the right side of the icons
<div style = 'clear: both;'></div>
... The text after fa-external-link-alt Icon will be displayed on the right side of the icons

To pull icon fa-external-link-alt to the right of the container use fa-pull-right class.

<div style='width: 200px;'>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-pull-right fa-3x'></i>
  ... The text after fa-external-link-alt Icon will be displayed on the left side of the icons
<div style = 'clear: both;'></div>
... The text after fa-external-link-alt Icon will be displayed on the left side of the icons

These two classes can used to add single quotes or double quotes to the text.

To animate font awesome fa-external-link-alt icon, use fa-spin class.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-spin fa-3x'></i>

While animating the font awesome icon,We can rotate fa-external-link-alt icon in 8 steps instead of uniform rotation.

To animate font awesome fa-external-link-alt icon with 8 step rotation, use fa-pulse icon along with fa-spin class.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-pulse fa-spin fa-3x'></i>

To rotate the font awesome icon fa-external-link-alt, Use fa-rotate-x class

Where ‘x’ represents degree of rotation.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-3x'>R</i>normal<br/><br/>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-rotate-90 fa-3x'>R</i> fa-rotate-90<br/><br/> 
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-rotate-180  fa-3x'>R</i> fa-rotate-180<br/><br/> 
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-rotate-270 fa-3x'>R</i> fa-rotate-270<br/><br/>

R fa-rotate-90

R fa-rotate-180

R fa-rotate-270

To flip fa-external-link-alt font awesome icon horizontally and vertically use fa-flip-horizontal and fa-flip-vertical classes.

<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-3x'>F</i> Normal <br>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-flip-horizontal fa-3x'>F</i> fa-flip-horizontal<br>
<i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-flip-vertical fa-3x'>F</i> fa-flip-vertical<br>

F Normal
F fa-flip-horizontal
F fa-flip-vertical

In font awesome icons,using stacking we can combine multiple icons and display it as one icon

To do that use the fa-stack class on the parent, the fa-stack-1x for the regularly sized icon, and fa-stack-2x for the larger icon.

And use class fa-inverse for an alternative icon color. In the below example, I am displaying fa-external-link-alt on top of icons like fa-square,fa-circle and fa-ban.

And used fa-inverse in the second example to invert the color of the icon.

    <span class='fa-stack fa-lg'>
        <i class='far fa-square fa-stack-2x'></i>
        <i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-stack-1x'></i>
      fa-external-link-alt on fa-square<br>
    <span class='fa-stack fa-lg'>
        <i class='fas fa-circle fa-stack-2x'></i>
        <i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-stack-1x fa-inverse'></i>
      fa-external-link-alt on fa-circle<br>

    <span class='fa-stack fa-lg'>
        <i class='fas fa-external-link-alt fa-stack-1x'></i>
        <i class='fas fa-ban fa-stack-2x'></i>
      fa-external-link-alt on fa-ban
fa-external-link-alt on fa-square
fa-external-link-alt on fa-circle
fa-external-link-alt on fa-ban

Arunkumar Gudelli

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