Font Awesome Icons CDN

Font awesome CDN list

Using CDN is the best way to serve font awesome icons css or js files. Instead of hosting them in our own server.

Font awesome has their own CDN servers. To use Font Awesome CDN we need to create an account in their website.

Then font awesome will provide a link to the javascript file which can directly added in our websites.

The sample font awesome kit will be in below format.

<script src=""

The advantage of creating account in font awesome website is, Font awesome creates new embed codes for each website where we can easily manage our preferences.

We can quickly upgrade to font awesome pro icons without any code changes from our side.

Or we can use free version of font awesome icons by using content delivery networks like cdnjs, maxcdn and jsdelivr etc..

For the latest font awesome 5 version and above use the below content delivery networks.

Serve font awesome icons CSS using cdnjs (cloudfare).

Serve font awesome icons CSS using jsdelivr.

If you want to use javascript version of font awesome icons. Use the below CDN links

For the earlier version like font awesome 4.7 we can use bootstap cdn links

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