ng generate command in Angular CLI

ng generate command in Angular CLI is one of the building blocks of Angular applications.

The core Angular application files(or schematics) are created using ng generate command.

ng generate command syntax

The syntax of ng generate command is pretty straight forward, we have to pass schematic and schematic name as an argument.

Additionally we can pass different options as well.

ng generate <schematic> [options]

ng generate command arguments

ng generate takes one argument i.e, schematic.

The schematic type is string.

ng generate command options

ng generate command accepts 5 different types of options.

  1. defaults
  2. dry-run
  3. force
  4. help
  5. interactive
OptionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
defaultsDisable interactive input prompts for options with a defaultbooleanfalse
dry-runRun through and reports activity without writing out results.booleanfalse
forceForce overwriting of existing files.booleanfalse
helpShows a help message for this command in the console.booleanfalse
interactiveEnable interactive input prompts.booleantrue

ng generate example

For example if you want to create a component named product, use ng generate component product command.

CREATE src/app/product/product.component.html (22 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/product.component.spec.ts (633 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/product.component.ts (280 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/product.component.scss (0 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/app.module.ts (1039 bytes)

List of files created using ng generate command.

Here are the list of files or schematics can be created using ng generate command.

  1. ng generate component
  2. ng generate pipe
  3. ng generate class
  4. ng generate interface
  5. ng generate enum
  6. ng generate service
  7. ng generate library
  8. ng generate module
  9. ng generate application
  10. ng generate app-shell
  11. ng generate directive
  12. ng generate guard
  13. ng generate interceptor
  14. ng generate resolver
  15. ng generate service-worker
  16. ng generate web-worker

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