How to generate component in subdirectory or specific folder in Angular using ng generate

ng generate component in subdirectory

We can use ng generate component command to create component in sub-directory or specific folder.

Here are the steps to generate component in a specific folder in Angular.

  1. Open terminal at Angular project root directory.
  2. Pass the relative path which contains folder name to the ng generate component command.
> ng generate component product/productlist 

CREATE src/app/product/productlist/productlist.component.html (26 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productlist/productlist.component.spec.ts (661 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productlist/productlist.component.ts (296 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productlist/productlist.component.scss (0 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/app.module.ts (681 bytes)

And also we can see the updated app.module.ts file

import { ProductlistComponent } from './product/productlist/productlist.component';


component in subdirectory angular

If you see the source code structure, ng generate component will create two directories product and productlist.

Inside product component we may have other components like product view etc.

If you don’t want to create sub directories for each and every child components of products, we should use --flat option.

Let’s create component without creating sub-folder for child components.

ng generate component product/productlist --flat
CREATE src/app/product/productlist.component.html (26 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productlist.component.spec.ts (661 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productlist.component.ts (296 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productlist.component.scss (0 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/app.module.ts (669 bytes)

Let’s create an other component in the same directory i.e., product overview, which displays the product information.

ng generate component product/productoverview --flat
CREATE src/app/product/productoverview.component.html (30 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productoverview.component.spec.ts (689 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productoverview.component.ts (312 bytes)
CREATE src/app/product/productoverview.component.scss (0 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/app.module.ts (780 bytes)

We have created two components in the same directory.



In this way we can organize similar components in the same directory without creating folders for each component.


Arunkumar Gudelli

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