How to create interface in folder in Angular

ng generate interface in folder Angular

Steps to create interface in folder in Angular using ng generate interface command.

  1. Open terminal in Angular project root directory.
  2. Pass interface name along with folder name to the ng generate interface command.
>ng generate interface model/product
CREATE src/app/model/product.ts (29 bytes)

There are several advantages, when we create interfaces in a separate folder.

Interfaces considered as models, which represents real world data entities.

We can create multiple interfaces in the same folder by passing relative path to the ng generate interface command.

ng generate interface model/productinformation
CREATE src/app/model/productinformation.ts (40 bytes)

The above code creates an another interface inside the same folder i.e., model.

If the application is big, we will have so many interfaces.

It’s always a good idea to place such interfaces in a separate folder in our Angular application, so that we can easily manage them.

  1. Our source code structure will be good.
  2. Navigation will be simple.

Arunkumar Gudelli

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