How to Check Angular CLI Version in Command prompt

Angular CLI version Check

To Check the Angular CLI version in Command prompt use the below commands.

  1. ng –version
  2. ng v
  3. npm list -global –depth 0

ng --version command returns the details of version of Angular CLI installed and in addition to that version of Angular development packages like @angular-devkit/architect,rxjs etc.. as shown below.

Angular CLI: 8.1.1
Node: 10.16.0
OS: win32 x64

Package                      Version
@angular-devkit/architect    0.801.1
@angular-devkit/core         8.1.1
@angular-devkit/schematics   8.1.1
@schematics/angular          8.1.1
@schematics/update           0.801.1
rxjs                         6.4.0
Check Angular CLI version

Check Angular CLI version

Or We can use npm list -global to list all the packages versions installed on our machine.

In that list we can check for Angular CLI version.

For viewing specific lists at different levels use --depth.

npm list -global --depth 0

+-- @angular/cli@8.1.1
+-- @angular/core@7.1.4
+-- npm-check-updates@2.15.0
+-- purgecss@1.1.0
+-- typescript@3.5.3
`-- UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY zone.js@~0.8.26

To Update the Angular CLI version follow the below Tutorial

How To Update Angular CLI Version

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