How to Check Angular CLI Version in Command prompt

Angular CLI version Check

To Check Angular CLI version use ng --version or ng v or npm list -global --depth 0 commands.

ng --version command returns the details of version of Angular CLI installed and in addition to that version of Angular development packages like @angular-devkit/architect,rxjs etc.. as shown below.

Angular CLI: 8.1.1
Node: 10.16.0
OS: win32 x64

Package                      Version
@angular-devkit/architect    0.801.1
@angular-devkit/core         8.1.1
@angular-devkit/schematics   8.1.1
@schematics/angular          8.1.1
@schematics/update           0.801.1
rxjs                         6.4.0
Check Angular CLI version

Check Angular CLI version

Or We can use npm list -global to list all the packages versions installed on our machine.

In that list we can check for Angular CLI version.

For viewing specific lists at different levels use --depth.

npm list -global --depth 0

+-- @angular/cli@8.1.1
+-- @angular/core@7.1.4
+-- npm-check-updates@2.15.0
+-- purgecss@1.1.0
+-- typescript@3.5.3
`-- UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY zone.js@~0.8.26

To Update Angular CLI version follow the below Tutorial

How To Update Angular CLI Version

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