Angular 13 version released by Google

Angular v13 version released

On 03-11-2021 ,Google has released Angular 13 version.

One of the breaking change in Angular 13 version is Google removed support for IE 11 i.e., End of Internet explorer 11 support.

Major changes in Angular 13

  1. End of IE 11 Support.
  2. View Engine is removed from Angular 13 version.
  3. Angular 13 uses RxJS 7.4 version
  4. Angular 13 now supports Typescript 4.4 version.
  5. Inlining font Support for Adobe fonts, which increases app performance by speeding up FCP(First Contentful Paint).
  6. Angular 13 version supports the use of persistent build cache, which improves build speed by almost 68%.
  7. NodeJS versions older than v12.20.0 are not supported

Here are the complete details regarding Angular 13 version update.

Angular 13 Changes


Arunkumar Gudelli

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