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Steps to fix Can’t bind to formGroup since it isn’t a known property of form error in Angular,1. Import FormsModule, …
Fixing Can't bind to 'formGroup' since it isn't a known property of 'form' angular error

Steps to get current route URL in Angular. 1. Import Router,NavigationEnd from angular/router and inject in the constructor. 2. …
How to get current route URL in Angular

To convert string to Enum in Typescript or angular follow the below steps. 1.Pass the given string to Enum object as a key. 2.If the …
How To Convert a string to Enum in Typescript/Angular

To get the names and values of Enums in typescript,we can loop through the enum object using for loop.
How To loop or get names & values of Enums in typescript

Steps to get index of ngFor element in Angular 1. Declare a variable inside *ngFor directive using let or as keyword. for instance say …
How to get index of ngFor element in Angular
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